Granny square reset

In our last regularly scheduled blog post, I had just finished round eight of a granny square blanket for a little girl. I had been on the fence about what color to use, and had selected Red Heart Super Saver medium thyme.

In the light of a new day, I decided that while I liked it well enough, it was not in keeping with the overall goal of a granny square blanket for a little girl, so I frogged not only the eighth round, but the seventh round while I was at it, and soon, I was back to where I had started.

In the unseasonably pleasant weather I sat on my back deck with the square in question and my yarn stash at my side and tried out three colors medium thyme, bright orchid, and Windsor blue:

crocheting a new color
I crochet some test corners in search of a seventh round

While I liked both the medium thyme and Windsor blue of these three top contenders, I thought that the bright orchid was the one that best suited the overall look I am going for, so after frogging all three, I started over with the bright orchid:

granny square blanket
A bright orchid round for a granny square blanket

Satisfied that I had met my color goals this time, in short order I was able to determine the color of the eighth round (Red Heart Super Saver guava), but when it came time to choose a ninth round, I was again at an impasse:

ninth round for a granny square
Deciding on the ninth round of a granny square blanket

This time I had no clear preference as each choice had a particular charm, but I decided to use the Red Heart Super Saver lemon:

lemon yellow granny square round
A lemon yellow tenth round for the granny square

and then without hesitation, I worked the tenth round in Red Heart Super Saver perfect pink, which brought me to the eleventh round and a new bout of indecision:

another round for a granny square
Deciding on a color for the 11th round

I don’t know that choosing the color of any given round will get easier as I go along, but as each round is larger than the one before, and I will have a little more time to consider all of my color options.