I figure out the particulars of my 2012 state fair project and finish my sari ribbon throw rug

I spent most of yesterday working out what had been some unattended to details of my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project.

While I knew in my head what I wanted to do, I didn’t know how those ideas would translate once I took hook to yarn.

Would my joining technique work? Would the pieces fit? How exactly would I make the border?

I had no definitive answers, and I decided that I had better find out while I still had time to re-engineer the particulars — just in case.

As it happened, almost everything I imagined I could do worked as I had hoped with only one minor adjustment for the border needed.

With those pesky details worked out (and sufficient notes taken for future reference), I made one of the four remaining large, textured triangles still needed for my state fair project:

lavender crochet triangle
One large lavender, textured crochet triangle

and since another one of my stated goals for this state fair season to have a more ordered home when it ends, I decided to work on the old-fashioned throw rug that I had recently unearthed from what had become it’s hiding place on the bed in my crochet empire/guest room.

Made from a large batch of sari ribbon I had purchased from Hippie Chix Fiber, at the Carolina Fiber Fest last May, I had been working diligently on the project when life got in the way of my crochet projects:

Here is how far I had gotten with the old-fashioned throw rug:

sari strip crochet rug
My nearly done old-fashioned crochet throw rug made from sari ribbon

and here is the sari ribbon I had left from my purchase last May:

sari ribbon balls
The four balls of sari ribbon remaining from my first sari ribbon purchase

I began work in the late morning, continued through lunch, and then finally, after it had begun pouring rain, I finished:

sari ribbon crochet throw rug
I finish my sari ribbon crochet throw rug

I don’t know exactly how I will use this piece now that it is done, but I do know that I am ready for whatever tomorrow will bring, and I am one step closer both to finishing my state fair project and achieving my goal of a more ordered home.