More scrap crochet

I haven’t quite finished crocheting for Mr. Bigglesworth in the wake of his loss of his constant companion, Rick James.

While he continues to enjoy his rainbow and sunshine comfort blanket, I am working on a few toys for him so that it is easier for my son and his girlfriend to keep Mr. Bigglesworth active and engaged while he goes through his kitty cat grieving.

So today, I started by making another ideal sphere using one of the many balls of scrap yarn I have amassed, a 4.5 mm hook, and Ms. Premise-Conclusion’s free Ideal Sphere pattern. In no time I was halfway through making a 14 round sphere.

Here is how it looked with the scrap ends pushed to the inside:

scrap yarn crochet ball
The inside of the scrap ideal sphere

and here is how the scrap sphere looked on what was slated to become the outside of the scrap sphere:

scrap yarn crochet ball
The outside of the scrap ideal sphere

Counting carefully (in no small part because the scrap nature of the yarn I am using makes it more of a challenge to keep track of where you are), I continued on my merry way, and in relatively short order, the sphere was done:

scrap yarn crochet ball
The finished scrap ideal crochet sphere

While I want to make Mr. Bigglesworth at least three more scrap spheres, I also got it into my head that I could make him a crochet cat companion, and I settled on this free crochet cat pattern from The Green Dragonfly.

Using a 4.0 mm hook, and Red Heart Super Saver pool for the base of the crochet cat, I got to work.

Here are the first seven rows of the rectangular base:

scrap yarn crochet cat base
The base of a scrap crochet cat

From this point on, you begin crocheting in the round, placing seven single crochet stitches across one short end, another fourteen single crochet stitches across the other long side, and then another seven single crochet stitches across the other short end.

Then you start working your way up the sides. I went four rounds in the pool color:

scrap yarn crochet cat
Starting up the sides of the scrap crochet cat

before I switched to my scrap yarn ball. Unlike the ball, however, I am seeing what I think of having the ends of the scrap yarn on the outside to give the crochet cat some scrap “fur”:

scrap yarn crochet cat
A crochet cat takes shape

I have yet to get a clear sense of how this particular variation will work out, but I will see where these scraps lead me and continue to move forward, one stitch at a time.

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