Battling entropy

I have, of late, been working (as I often do) to bring order to my work space and the innumerable tangles that unfinished projects create in an effort to pick up where I have left off and finish themselves.

While I fight the forces of entropy I have also been making an effort to use what I have, and in this case I have been focusing on yarn scraps.

Yesterday, while sorting through longer yarn scraps that I intended to use on the scraps granny square that is my current front burner project, I came across a ball of yarn I had made by tying together very short yarn scraps. It looked something like this:

scrap yarn ball
Winding a ball of scrap yarn on a nostepinne

but dated from one of my flamingo palette projects. Whether the scraps were from this granny square bag:

flamingo inspired granny square crochet bag
Flamingo inspired crochet granny square purse

or this soccer ball:

crochet soccer ball in search of adventure
The crochet soccer ball, outside and looking for adventure

I don’t know, but using a 4.5 mm hook and this Ideal Crochet Sphere pattern (courtesy of Ms. Premise-Conclusion), I got to work, and in short order, I had this small sphere:

scrap yarn crochet sphere
A crochet sphere made with scrap yarn

My execution was not as tidy as that of Ms. Premise-Conclusion, but with a bit more practice, my finished product should improve, in the meantime, I returned my attention to the scrap granny square.

With so many yarn scraps at my disposal, you might think this would work up more quickly than it has, but since I began the project without a clear color plan, it has involved a lot of frogging when something that looked like a good idea when it was a yarn scrap didn’t quite work.

But after crocheting, unraveling, and then crocheting yet again, I either find something that works or give up and move forward anyway which is how I came to almost — but not quite — reach the end of the first of two eighteen round scrap granny squares:

scrap yarn crochet granny square
The front of a nearly completed scrap yarn granny square

Which has just a few ends that need to be woven in and trimmed:

scrap yarn crochet granny square
The back of a nearly completed scrap yarn granny square

and once those ends are woven in, I will continue my battle with entropy as I so often do: one stitch at a time.

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