One scrap granny square done, one to go

It seems my organizing efforts never go as quickly as I would like, but after I wearied of sorting through the many things in my office that need to be sorted through, I turned my attention to the scrap granny square.

Slated to be one side or the other of a second granny square tote, it is, after all, a component of my organizing effort.

Once the myriad scraps are crocheted into squares (and the ends woven in), thousands of potential tangles will be averted.

Hours that I now spend extricating pieces from the yarn tentacles of scrap yarn that I don’t want to waste, will be liberated to use as I see fit (probably crocheting, but could also include dog walking or cat brushing), so with that time savings in mind, I worked on finishing the first of two scrap granny squares, and after not too much time or frogging, the crocheting of was done:

scrap yarn granny square
I finish the first scrap granny square

Obviously, there are a few ends to be woven in as well, but I saved those for another time when I need something that is portable and does not involve making any color decisions.

So, I started on a second square.

Working from many of the same balls of scrap yarn that I have put together as I have sorted through things in my office as well as the ones that I have accumulated over the years, I got a start on the center of the second square, and it went smoothly until I got to the end of the sixth round.

On my first effort, I tried a claret that didn’t exactly work. I frogged it and then worked with a dark brown for 17 three double crochet shells, and I am not yet certain what I think:

scrap crochet granny square
I start on a second scrap granny square

I am, if need be, prepared to continue crochet to several more rounds to see how it looks, and then frog it back to the tea leaf green on on the sixth round if necessary, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that a major frogging like that will not be required, and I took a moment to get a photo of the two squares to get a sense of how they will look when used together:

scrap granny square tote
The pieces of a future scrap granny square tote

I don’t know what I think of this project yet, but I will continue moving forward, one stitch at a time.

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