Rhapsody in gray

Yesterday, a little more than an hour before sunset (4:37-ish if that sort of things matters to you), I finished work on the last square I would need to complete my current front burner project.

the last textured crochet square of my crochet opus rhapsody in gray
The last crochet square

All of the ends of all of the squares were woven in and trimmed, and what remained was to join the squares and weave in and trim the ends the joining would generate.

I had intended to get a photo of all of the finished squares laid out and unjoined, but the weather did not cooperate.

There were clear skies and sunshine to be sure, but there was also a stiff breeze with strong wind-like bursts that made it impossible to lay out the squares and get a photo of them before they were blown topsy turvy.

So instead of taking a photo, I drew a diagram for myself to use as a guide, got out my hook, my scissors, and my bent-tipped yarn needle and did as much as I could before I went to bed.

Then when I got up I resumed my joining efforts — sandwiching it in between doing things that had to be done and running errands that had to be run.

I even went out to my favorite coffee shop and commandeered a large table that made the joining easier, if not effortless.

Then, not even twenty-five hours after I had completed work on the last square, I finished all of the joining. Every end woven in and trimmed.

Here is an overview of the front:

textured crochet square afghan
All joined with the ends woven in and trimmed

as well as a detail of the design that emerged:

textured crochet square detail
A detail of the front

Along with this overview of the back:

back of the textured crochet square afghan
The back of the project

and the corresponding detail:

textured crochet square detail of back
A detail of the back

This is my second attempt to make the “Textured Squares” project featured in Maggy Ramsay’s book, Magic Motif Crochet, and while I have not yet succeeded in making her project, I have succeeded in using the pattern as a springboard for making the project my very own.

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