Super Bowl XLIX

Every year marks some kind of change, and the Super Bowl is no exception.

Next year, the NFL will no longer use Roman numerals to designate which number it is in the series, and will instead switch to Hindu-Aramaic numerals. So instead of Super Bowl L, those of us who watch the game will be tuning into Super Bowl 50.

But it is not next year yet, and in preparing for this year’s game, I did my best to finish a blanket that was intended to be a Christmas gift.

The first order of business was to weave in and trim the ends of the twenty-eight remaining small squares and then join them into seven two-by-two arrays that serve as the centers of the larger squares.

I had them done by Friday afternoon:

textured crochet squares to keep me amused during the game
Seven four-square crochet centers to work on during the Super Bowl

With that task behind me, I began working to finish the twelve remaining and partially completed larger squares, but despite working on them all day Saturday and most of this morning, I only made it halfway to my goal by sunset today:

textured crochet square blanket
The almost ready to be assembled textured crochet square blanket

So now, with four minutes left in the second quarter of the last Roman numeral Super Bowl, I am ready to begin working on the squares that remain:

textured crochet squares
A football game’s worth of squares to finish