That Afghan! (Part II)

In the last episode, our courageous crocheter, armed with a trusty H-hook, had set out in search of sufficient yarn scraps to make the first four rounds of 120 granny squares, while using black yarn for the fifth and final round to add intensity and brilliance to the as yet unrealized iconic afghan.

An incredibly fast crocheter, able to weave in ends with the blink of an eye (a crochet super power or sorts), our intrepid crafter is now ready to add the last round to the 120 squares that are amassed in a pile on the sofa they will soon grace, but how, the crafter has yet to decide, will the squares be joined?

While completing the fifth round with the main color (MC as it is known) and then joining the squares (right sides together) with a whipstitch is a standby of crocheters from days of yore, there is a join-as-you-go method that is coming into favor that our crochet superhero(ine) might want to consider.

A wonderful tutorial of this method (with excellent instructions and pictures to walk a crocheter through the process) can be found at the blog attic24. While attic24 uses a circle for the center of her work, the method works equally well for the traditional granny square, and will help get the afghan completed and on the sofa sooner.

So, our super crocheter has one final decision to make: follow an old tradition or create a new one?