The day after laundry

Yesterday’s weather was clear, cold, and decidedly un-humid, so I took advantage of the dry air and just barely (to my mind) above freezing temperatures to do some laundry, which (I am happy to report) dried before it had a chance to freeze.

Today, feeling much less intrepid and finding the day’s breezes to have more of an ice dagger feel to them than yesterday’s gusts, I left the remaining laundry for another day and used what time was left to work on the weather appropriate Peter Max alpine hat.

The project has been somewhat slow going.

The pattern is mostly correct, but it is not without it’s challenges.

All of the stitch patterns are right, but there are places where it is necessary to turn (rather than continuing to work in the same direction) to get the look of the hat in the photo, but those turns are not elucidated in the directions, and the photo, while attractive, is insufficient for easy reverse engineering.

Despite these challenges, I am nearly done with my first effort, and today, after a series of what seemed to me to be color missteps — I crocheted, I frogged, and I crocheted again — I finally this far:

alpine crochet hat
My progress on the Peter Max crochet alpine hat so far

By then, it was time to start on late afternoon series of errands, but before I left, I turned the hat inside out, and got this photo as well:

ends to be woven in crochet alpine hat
Some ends in need of weaving in and trimming

I had hoped that in between my many errands I would have a chance to weave in one end here and another end there, but that was not the case.

Fortunately, tomorrow is a new day, and I will once again get a chance to ply my craft, weaving in one end at a time.



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