The day errands ate

Today I had several small errands to run, and as happens with errands, they tend to fuel one another, and eventually the errands ate my day.

My quick trip to the post office lead me to the gas station, which put me in the general vicinity of the veterinarian’s office. As this year is forecast to be a record one for ticks, I decided to stop in to get my dog, Clooney, his flea and tick medication, and while they were ringing up that purchase, they reminded me that I needed to bring him in for the second dose of an immunization, so I set up an appointment for the afternoon, and since the morning was nearly spent anyway, I went grocery shopping.

By the time I returned home from a nearly full morning of errands Clooney was ready for a walk. When we returned I finally had all of my morning obligations met, I had half an hour to do some crochet work before lunch.

If I could find my copy of Better Homes and Gardens Crochet & Knitting.

After ten minutes of straightening up and tell myself how inefficient panic was to getting things done, I found my much loved copy of this book and sat down with the page open to the instructions for Square C-4 and my 5.0mm hook.

Yesterday’s Scooby Doo colors were still resonating in my retinal memory, and as I had not gotten to putting away yarn in my efforts to locate the aforementioned book, they were also near at hand. The “Scooby Doo” effect as I will call it, can clearly be seen in square C-4, one of the last two squares I need for the center panel of the beach-blanket-to-be that is one of the several projects at the top of my to-do list:

crochet square
Crochet Square C-4

With Square C-4 nearly completed (there is one additional round that I will be working in the same color as the joining round), I packed up the dog and headed out to the veterinarian’s appointment I had made for him.

When we returned, I still had an hour to go before I had to get started on dinner. Could I, I wondered, finish the next square, Square G-1?

With much indecision about what colors to use plaguing me, my efforts got off to a slow start, but eventually, I got some crochet mojo going, and I finished the seventh (pink) round, leaving me with only two rounds to finish after dinner which I did:

Crochet Square G-1 completed on the day errands ate
Crochet Square G-1 completed on the day errands ate

Here is how the two final squares of the center panel look with the squares that are already completed:

The nearly completed center panel of a crochet blanket at the end of the day errands ate
The nearly completed center panel of a crochet blanket at the end of the day errands ate

While I am not entirely certain what I think of the last round of Square G-1, I am looking forward to a less errand-packed day tomorrow, and maybe, just maybe, I can get this center panel done.