The groovyghan groove

Some crafters I know work one project at a time.

They work on the beginning, move to the middle, and then finish. Unlike me, they don’t need a way to organize unfinished projects, because they only ever have one at any given time.

I am not like that.

My crochet projects (like the stories I wrote in graduate school) undergo an almost constant revision and editing process up until the moment I stop working on them.

This has been true of the groovyghan that I love so well, but I am at long last in what I think of as a groovyghan groove.

The pictures I post at my blog are, for the most part, photographs of my final decisions with regard to colors, stitches, and joinings, and the “stripe strip” of the groovyghan is no exception.

What is shown in the photograph below is the final result after 12 or 13 rows of stitches (each stripe is two rows wide) were frogged and then reworked:

a double crochet panel for a granny square blanket
I finish the double crochet stripe strip for my groovyghan

Once I had the “stripe strip” completed, I checked to make sure that it worked with the two strips that would be on either side of it:

Getting into the groovyghan groove with crochet dots, crochet stripes, and crochet flowers
Getting into the groovyghan groove with crochet dots, crochet stripes, and crochet flowers

If I learned anything in graduate school, it was this: all of the elements of a story need to work together to advance the story.

The same is true of crochet; the colors, the design, and the stitches all need to work together to create a coherent piece.

And in both cases, if the requisite elements don’t work together, then it is necessary to rework them until they do.

6 thoughts on “The groovyghan groove

  1. Alas I find like my Mother whom I teased in her time when she crocheted and I did not that she like Penelope (Ulysses’ wife) worked by day and ripped by night!!!! Now I Am proud that I have inherited my Mother’s penchant for ‘what is right’!!

  2. I love to watch as you create and work each project you do. Can’t wait to see your finished groovyghan….it’s looking perfecto!!

  3. One project at a time? I get bored doing that. I gotta have lots of project on the go so I have something interesting to choose at any time.

    Love the Groovy Ghan but I don’t think I will be putting it on my to-do list anythime soon.

  4. Oh it’s so luscious! I have had the groovyghan on my horizon for a bit. That may need to be my summer project! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. If you have the creative fortitude (and the time) to stick with one project, I think you could have it done in a month. It is a fabulous project. I am having an absolute blast.

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