The last day of summer

I’ll start by saying I am not ready for summer to end, but it is clear that my preferences are not what guide the seasons as the temperatures (as well as the leaves) are beginning to drop on what is the last day of summer.

Today’s weather was perfect. Just warm enough to not require a sweater and dry enough that I was able to get three loads of laundry washed and dried well before sunset.

In the meantime, I spent as much of the last day of my favorite season working on my 2014 North Carolina State Fair project. With just 22 full working days, and one half-day left between me and my deadline, I started by finishing work on the south panel of the state fair project which is a view of my grandmother’s front porch where I frequently played.

What had been holding me up was this: I could not find a skein of yarn I was pretty sure I had.

The dirt for this project has been crocheted from some vintage yarn I acquired on October 30 of 2011 (you can read about that here), and over the past week, I would spend a few minutes here and a few minutes there in an effort to track down the yarn I was reasonably certain I had.

The problem with being reasonably certain is that you are not absolutely certain, and I could not move forward any further with the porch until I either found the yarn that I had been using, or purchased an acceptable substitute.

Given the amount of yarn I have in my house, I am loathe to purchase any more, and after a week of on and off looking, it was with great delight that I stumbled on the remnants of a skein of the yarn in question so that I was able to spend the last day of summer working on crochet rather than shopping for yarn.

brown vintage yarn for crochet granny squares on the last day of summer
I find the vintage yard I need to finish the dirt for my grandmother’s flower beds

At the moment I found it, I had not been looking for it, but was instead looking for something else, but there it was and within 24 hours of finding it, I had all of the pieces I needed for the porch completed:

crochet squares for the front porch crochet panel finished on the last day of summer
I finish the pieces of the front porch on the last day of summer

Tomorrow starts a new week, a new season, and the first day of the last three weeks I will have to work on this project.

I can’t believe summer has gone by so quickly, but I know that these next three weeks will fly by at an even faster rate, and I will continue my journey toward this year’s state fair deadline just as I always do: one stitch at a time.