The return of the cookie project

This “cookie project,” as I currently think of it, is going much more slowly than I would like.

The vision for the end result came to me in a flash of insight some time last month, but the delay from flash of insight to completed project seems to be f-o-r-e-v-e-r. (That is, by the way, a conservative estimate).

But despite the fact this project is taking longer than I would like, I did have a practically errand free day, and I was able to turn some of that time toward this project. Having said that, my progress, while forward, was substantially slower than I had anticipated.

Part of this, no doubt, has to do with the fact that when it comes to estimating how much time it will take me to work the bugs out of a design, I am optimistic to the point of fantasy.

The other problem I face is that despite my best intentions, I am dreadful about making comprehensible notes, so even when I do solve a problem, I frequently find myself in the position of having to reverse engineer the pieces I created just days or weeks earlier.

Having said all of that in nearly 200 words or more, here is what I did manage to get done.

First, I made a gingersnap.

Using a 4.5mm hook and Red Heart Soft in the color Toast, I first made an increasing circle (careful to place my stitches to get a look that was more round than hexagon, and then (using an invisible decrease and equally carefully placed stitches) a decreasing circle.

Here is the front of the gingersnap:

crochet cookie gingersnap
The front of a gingersnap for my crochet cookie project

and here is the back:

crochet cookie gingersnap
The back of a gingersnap for my crochet cookie project

The second crochet cookie I worked on today is one designed as an homage to my favorite Girl Scout Cookie: Lemonades™.

After more than an hour struggling to work a tidy tambour crochet across the surface of the cookie I had crocheted, I finally tried something different.

The resulting effort is not perfect, but unlike the previous incarnations, it has potential.

Using an unorthodox method to attach a yellow chain loop flower to the front of the cookie, I was able to accurately evoke the sense of the cookie I love so well if not create an exact replica:

lemon shortbread crochet cookie
The front of a lemon shortbread for my crochet cookie project

For the back of the cookie, I switched from Red Heart Super Saver Aran to Red Heart Super Saver Lemon:

lemon shortbread crochet cookie
The back of a lemon shortbread cookie for my cookie project

I am hoping that once I get the kinks worked out of the designs for the individual cookies that the project goes more quickly than it has so far.

Until then, I’ll just keep at it, one stitch at a time.

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