The return of the cookieghan

The cookieghan has reached the point that it is no longer a portable project.

Because the cookies are crocheted to be like real cookies with a front and a back, they are a firm motif and do not have what is known in the world of crochet as “drape.” While this gives the crochet cookies the feel of a real cookie, it also makes them awkward to work with when joining, and this fact has slowed me down more than I anticipated.

But be that as it may, the project has been moving forward and as of this past Thursday, all that remained to be done to complete the piece was to join row 6, row 10, and crochet a border, so after a hiatus of sorts, it was time for the return of the cookieghan:

I prepare to finish rows 6 and 10 and crochet a border for the return of the cookieghan
I prepare to finish rows 6 and 10 and crochet a border for the return of the cookieghan

Here is a detail of the rows where all the joining action will be taking place:

detail of crochet cookies
A detail of the cookieghan with rows 6 and 10 still to be done

Today, I was able to have my crochet efforts and intentions intersect which resulted in me joining row 9 to row 11 using row 10:

rows of crochet cookies
Rows 7-13 of the cookieghan

Row 6, the only remaining row left to join before I add the border, promises to be even more awkward than row 10, but whether it moves forward quickly or slowly, it will move forward, just as all project do: one stitch at a time.

5 thoughts on “The return of the cookieghan

  1. It really is very exciting to have the opportunity o be along for the creative journey you take us all on with the monumental projects of crochet ingenuity!! Ever so grateful for the journey, the creativity itself as well as the creative spark it sets off in me and of course the bits and pieces of crochet knowledge and general lore I gather along the way.. I feel Blessed endowed and happy to have all of this in my Life…

  2. BTW: while in KY I had the opportunity to share my crochet adventure of the moment (one of the granny baby blanket attempts) with my Granddaughter’s Aunt from Norway… she too crochets and so we shared notes and she fell in love with one of your blog posts I shared with her…. she in turn took it back to Norway to share with her sisters…. <3<3<3 Crochet makes the world go around… 🙂

  3. You are so close…I know you can’t wait to have this project done. I was wondering if it would be awkward to work on the joins. That said, will you do another?

  4. It’s like having one sleeve of thin mints left the box – the delicious agony of “almost gone!” Do I delay or do I proudly march into the fray…? For me it would be no choice, h

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