The return of the cookieghan

While I came no where near close to accomplishing everything I wanted to accomplish, today was a really good day.

To begin with, it was essentially errand-free. After yesterday’s errand extravaganza, it was wonderful to be able to stay at home and enjoy not being out in the day’s increasingly cold and rainy weather.

I spent the morning getting caught up on the household tasks that had accumulated in my absence yesterday, but by early afternoon, I was ready to resume work on the cookieghan, and to that end, I consulted my notes on the Girl Scout cookie now known as the Caramel DeLite.

Once named Samoa, this coconut encrusted hexagonal (trust me on this) cookie measures 1 & 7/8″ across, and has a hole in the very center that measures 5/8″ in diameter. In addition to four lines of chocolate that run from one side to the other across the top of the cookie, the bottom of the cookie is chocolate as well.

This is my second favorite Girl Scout cookie (Lemonades™ being my favorite), and I was hoping to immortalize it in crochet, but thus far my efforts have been less than impressive. After 90 minutes of eliminating possible designs, I set aside my efforts to create a Caramel Delite/Samoa in crochet and turned my attention to simpler fare: the iced oatmeal cookie.

Compared to the Caramel Delite crochet debacle, the iced oatmeal cookie came to be in just under an hour. This included the top of the cookie with icing seen here:

crochet cookie with crochet icing
The top of a crochet oatmeal cookie with icing

as well as the bottom of the cookie:

crochet oatmeal cookie
The bottom of the crochet oatmeal cookie with icing

Feeling somewhat heady from the success of the iced oatmeal cookie, I then turned my attention to creating a sugar cookie with colorful sprinkles.

Building on the skills I learned when I practiced crocheting with beads, I was able to make the top of the cookie with sprinkles:

crochet cookie with sprinkles
The top of the crochet sugar cookie with sprinkles

and the bottom of the cookie without:

crochet sugar cookie
The bottom of the crochet sugar cookie with sprinkles

I still need to design more varieties of cookies for this project and further test my joining technique to see if it will work as hoped, but for today, I am pleased with the progress and am looking forward to bringing this project to life.

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