The saga of the neon orange afghan continues

I had thought that I might finish the neon orange afghan in time for tonight’s blog post, but such was not the case.

After an incredibly slow crochet day yesterday, where I struggled to join the two already completed nine-square strips to the body of the blanket, today I found my crochet groove early and not only finished joining the last eighteen squares into two more nine-square strips:

crochet squares
An equal sign fashioned from two strips of the orange afghan

I also managed to join one of those strips to the body of the blanket-to-be:

orange crochet squares
An overview of the nine rows joined so far

leaving me just one more row to join, a lot of ends to weave in and trim, and a (very) modest border to crochet.

While not a technically challenging project, this project (for reasons I don’t understand) has taken me longer to complete than this year’s state fair entry.

Sometimes you start on a crochet project with the best of intentions and then life asserts itself, and you and your project are separated.

And sometimes you and your wayward project once again cross paths on in the space-time continuum, and sometimes (as was true for me), you are able to pick the project where you left off and once again being moving forward.