The square that bedeviled me

On this post-Christmas, pre-New Year Tuesday, I found myself with too many errands to do; but that is not why I didn’t get done as much crochet as I had hoped.

In fact, if I had a counter that kept track of the number of stitches made, I would probably find that I did get done as much crochet as I had hoped. What I did not take into account is how much frogging (unraveling) would be required, and there was one square in particular that gave me fits:

a textured crochet square that resisted my efforts to finish it
The square that bedeviled me

I had to frog it substantially on two occasions, as well as a third frogging which (compared to the earlier unravelings) seemed almost inconsequential. But, because there was no choice that I could see, I persisted.

As best as I am able to tell, it pretty much looks like all the other medium squares I have worked on the past eleven days. In this photo I have laid a crochet hook on top of it:

The textured crochet square that bedeviled me with seven other textured crochet squares
Seven completed medium squares and an eight almost completed medium square

It is, I suppose, impossible to see what is not there, and what the two photos above are unable to capture is the stitches that were pulled out, reworked, pulled out, reworked, pulled out, and reworked until finally I got the correct stitch count.

All of that working and reworking meant while the square that bedeviled me did finally get finished, I was left with an insufficient amount of time to finish the subsequent square (seen in the upper right-hand corner):

seven medium textured crochet squares and a four patch of small textured crochet squares
One large square and four almost completed medium squares

Today’s crochet made me wonder why some elements of a project are more difficult than others.

This square is (other than the aggravation it caused) no different than all the others. It is made from the same yarn, using the same hook, the same pattern, and the same technique as the other squares. Why (in terms of an investment of time) does this square stand out from the others, and what would be lost if I could crochet without ever making an error?

Video Tutorial: How to make the crochet textured square/magic motif


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  1. that is always something you can count on – crochet teaching you Patience. I know that is the case for me. It is looking rather nice – like the pattern for the squares.

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