The waning days of summer

Summer is slipping away on two fronts. The days are getting shorter, and the inexorable march toward fall has begun in earnest — the waning days of summer are passing by at an alarming rate.

In just four increasingly shorter days, the first four-and-a-half weeks of what for me me is “the state fair season” will be gone.

Come September 1, I will (no doubt) take a panicked inventory of the cookies I have made so far, subtract them from the total needed, and then come up with an impossible to keep schedule to which I will try to adhere with varying success depending on the day.

In the meantime, I have been working to finish Dotghan 1.0, and today, I got very, very close.

Yesterday, I added a fifth row of dots:

crochet dots, crochet blanket
I add a fifth row of dots

and then got a start on the crochet I needed to complete in order to add the sixth row, which I did today after breakfast:

and a sixth row in the waning days of summer
and a sixth row in the waning days of summer

Then I crocheted the remaining eleven rows:

crochet dots crochet blanket
Then I finish the last 11 rows of the crochet Dotghan

With Dotghan 1.0 all done but the weaving in of ends and blocking, I turned my attention to a task I had been putting off: the redesign of my M & M ® inspired cookie.

After several missteps and a little bit of frogging, I finally got a crochet cookie I thought looked the part:

two crochet cookies
Two new, small crochet cookies

and now that I have that done, I had best get back to my crochet.

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  1. I love to see the Dotghan come together and the M&M cookies are awesome. You did very well. I enjoy your “blog”.

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