The waning days of summer

The devil, it is said, is in the details, and my 2015 North Carolina State Fair project is riddled with details, so the past couple of days — after taking a very sobering inventory of what was actually done — I decided that I really needed to start nailing down some of the details, and that while it is fun and interesting to start one new piece of the puzzle after another, I really needed to get a much better idea of how I would put together all of the pieces I was making.

So, that is what I did. Some of my ideas worked well, like my attempt to “square off” one of the long-stemmed tumblers so that it would be easier to incorporated into the finished project:

squaring off glass tumbler crochet motif
I begin squaring off one of the long-stemmed tumblers

others did not, and because the time to finish the project — like the late summer days — is growing shorter, I did not bother to document my failures, but when their numbers began to mount and there were no easy successes in sight, I got out my Clover bent-tipped yarn needle and wove in the ends on the crochet piano keyboard:

crochet keyboard with ends woven in
A crochet piano keyboard with the ends woven in

The last few weeks of any project like this are always a bit of a challenge, and this time it is exacerbated by the fact that I really have no clear sense of how this is going to come together, but I will move forward as I always do, one stitch at a time.