Then there were three crochet yarn bombs

I got the yarn bombs done–not just the second one, but the third as well, so by the afternoon of the November 1, there were three crochet yarn bombs on my back fence:

Three Day of the Dead sugar skull crochet yarn bombs
Then there were three

After spending most of Thursday evening joining the “easy” parts (horizontal rather than vertical seams), I got up early on Friday, hook in hand, and finished a few seams before I walked my dog, Clooney.

A brief break for breakfast, and I was back at the seaming. Stitch after stitch after stitch. There were times I didn’t think I would make it, so I stopped thinking and just made more stitches, and eventually, all three yarn bombs were done:

A straight on view of three yarn bombs to celebrate the Day of the Dead
Another view of the three yarn bombs

While I loved the way last year’s yarn bomb looked, I like three yarn bombs even better and plan to add at least two more to the collection next year.

But with the the three yarn bombs now in crochet mirror, I looked around for “what comes next?” and I found this free crochet hat pattern from Pattern Paradise.

I got out my hooks and my yarn and made a gauge swatch.

I’m usually not good about making gauge swatches, but something about it caught my eye and made me think, “I probably ought to do this,” and boy am I glad I did.

The pattern calls for a 5.0 mm hook. Because I tend to crochet loosely (probably as a result of my crochet mentor, Edith Proctor slapping my hand until I loosened up) I used a 4.5 mm hook, and my gauge was still “too loose,” so I started over with a 4.0 mm hook, and this time I got it just right.

Deciding that I wanted to go for something like the rainbow effect in the hat that was featured in the search I did, I got out the usual rainbow array. Lacking a readily available darker purple, I opted for a brighter, but still purple, orchid:

Next, I used the blue that I had used for the sky in the recently completed balloon yarn bomb:

Followed by Red Heart Super Saver spring green:

From there, I used a yellow that I got at Walmart that was part of a line they carried:

which I followed with some leftover orange from the now defunct Bernat Value line of yarn:

and I finished up with Red Heart With Love berry red:

Now all it needs are a couple of earflaps and braids, and it will be good to go.

3 thoughts on “Then there were three crochet yarn bombs

  1. Congrats!! Three do look better than one for sure. A mighty trio they make!
    Appreciate the slightly wider framing of them as well providing a sense of the immediate setting of the property. 🙂
    And just to be completely annoying, next time, one from further down the street as well? For a sense of the “public” context of this public piece. 😉

  2. The yarn bombs are over the top! What a lot of planning.
    What do you do with the yarn after it is over?

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