Then there were three

Today, somewhere near the lunch hour, I completed the last stitch of Dotghan 1.5, and then there were three.

There were still ends to be woven in and trimmed and photographs to be taken, but all of the crochet work was done, and several hours later I had woven in and trimmed what remained of the ends, and Dotghan 1.5 was officially ta-done:

crochet blanket with crochet dots
Dotghan 1.5

But Dotghan 1.5 was never really about one blanket; it was about three — Dotghan 1.0 (the original blanket — just the right size for a baby — on the far right), Dotghan .25 (the second iteration — intended for dolls or preemies — on the far left), and Dotghan 1.5 (three’s a charm! — the perfect throw to snuggle under while reading — stuck in the middle):

Then there were three crochet blankets
Then there were three crochet blankets

When I began work on the first Dotghan, I knew that my work would not be done until I had completed all three versions, and today I reached the goal of bringing my original vision to fruition.

Here are two additional views. One of the three blankets moving in the afternoon breeze:

Then there were three crochet dotghans, all in a row
Then there were three crochet dotghans, all in a row

and a different view of a dotted line that seems to be leading me to…

crochet dotted line
A dotted line

one more cookie project:

more crochet cookies
One more cookie project

While I was able to envision the totality of the Dotghan project when I began it, the same is not true of the cookies.

While I had imagined in July of 2011 when the first cookieghan, that I was done with crochet cookies, the reality of it has been a lot more complicated.

The cookies, it turns out, are very insistent motifs, and they will not let my imagination rest.

I know that one day I will finish the last stitch of my last cookie project, but I also know that today is not that day. And when I wake up tomorrow, I will be ready to continue the work that remains for this most recent cookie project fully aware that the cookies are not done with me yet.

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  1. To take your Dotghans to the next level, have you thought about doing a Dashghan? From there you could crochet a secret message on an SOSghan – combining the dots and dashes. Just some idle thoughts before I dive back into my knitting. It’s almost Easter and Kennedy’s dress is behind schedule bc I had to frog the whole thing and start over including finding a new pattern. Grrrr…..

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