Three more circles done, three to go

Today I was able to enjoy the luxury of sleeping in, but once I had routed my well-rested self out of bed and eaten breakfast, I got to work on the rug I intend to give my oldest son as a belated birthday gift.

N hook in hand, and wonder lotion at my side, I chained four stitches, joined them in a loop and began work on a fifth circle. Before lunch, I finished a sixth. After lunch, I came close to completing the seventh circle, but then errands intruded, and I packed up my stuff (just in case there was a moment I could work on the circles), and headed out.

By the time errands were done and before dinner was made, I had completed three of six circles that remain to be finished. I also had a moment, while waiting at one stop between afternoon errands, when I was able to weave in ends on three circles. By the time the errands were done, and I was once again at home, the sun had begun a sharp descent, and I had to hurry to get the circles spread out and photographed:

The future crochet rug with three more circles done
The future crochet rug with three more circles done

One thing I have noticed about this yarn is that the fact it is comprised of four colors twisted together, gives the simple single crochet motifs I have been making the feel, and to some degree, the look of a braided rug.

I am looking forward to tomorrow with the hope that I finish the three circles that remain.