Tidying up

As April draws to a close, I am trying to finish up a few projects so that I can better focus my efforts on one in particular that I am anxious to begin work on.

Having cleaned up my kitchen yesterday morning, today I directed that energy toward my crochet empire.

Happy with the way my first pet mat turned out (where I used a 10.0mm hook to crochet with a strand of navy Red Heart Super Saver yarn paired with a strand of yarn created from scraps), I got to work making another ball of yarn from the scraps that had collected from several recent projects.

In short order, I tied together all of the scraps that had collected in my purse and the table next to a chair where I do a lot of my crochet:

crochetbug, magic yarn ball, scrap yarn aesthetic, scrap yarn crochet, multicolor crochet
The beginning of a new scrap yarn ball

With my purse and the area surrounding my work area cleared of all the small scraps of yarn that had accumulated, I then turned my attention to what is the twelfth in a series of stash bags I have made using this pattern. I had begun work on this stash bag in the past week, and this morning, I completed the base of the bag:

crochetbug, crochet basket, crochet bag, yarn stash, use what you have
The bottom of crochet stash bag 12

With stash bag 12 well under way, I then made an effort to make use of the lengthier yarn scraps that have been accumulating in a plastic bag by using them for my great-granny square which has, of late, languished in a cubby in my crochet empire.

Here is how the square looked after a couple of hours of dedicated effort:

crochetbug, crochet square, granny square, scrap yarn crochet, yarn scrap granny square, use what you have
My great-granny square as of April 28, 2011

This great-granny square is a record, in scraps of yarn, of the projects I have worked on, and when it is done, it will be a reflection of who and what I am.

6 thoughts on “Tidying up

  1. and what you are is surely colorful and well executed!!!!!! BTW do you have a pattern from Jean L’s book I think its square 80 or 81? I can’t find a copy of it anywhere….

  2. The great-granny square looks so colorful. I think like you do when I crochet a scrappy round ripple – I can remember alot of my past projects. I think to myself – I made such & such with this yarn – such & such with that yarn – and so on. It’s nice. 🙂

  3. love your work. it looks so south american. color rocks.I knit but do not know how to crochet. maybe I will have to learn :o)

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