Toward a more perfect Lemonades™ inspired cookie

When I wrote my blog last Sunday, I thought I had (over years of making different versions) perfected a crocheted round lemon shortbread cookie inspired by my favorite Girl Scout cookie, Lemonades™, but when I took the day’s photos, I noticed that the most recent version of the cookie was larger than my other cookies, and given that these have to fit together, I decided that even though it might be close to good enough, it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be.

Yesterday, after doing it wrong several new ways, I set it aside, and it was in that act of setting it aside that the solution came to me, and this morning, enjoying what will no doubt be one of the last days I can comfortably sit on my deck and crochet until spring, I got out my hooks and gave it another go.

Here is the result:

lemon shortbread crochet cookie
A more perfect lemon shortbread cookie

and here it is with it’s almost perfect predecessor:

two lemon shortbread crochet cookies
A tale of two lemon shortbread crochet cookies

With the Lemonades™ inspired lemon shortbread cookie now the right size and as close to perfection as I can get it, I then worked on a frosted sugar cookie and a snickerdoodle; in short order they were done:

two crochet cookies for a crochet scarf
A frosted sugar cookie and a snickerdoodle for a crochet scarf

Next I took this photo of the three newly completed cookies lounging on the porch on this mid-autumn afternoon:

three crochet cookies for a crochet scarf
Three crochet cookies for a baker’s dozen cookie crochet scarf

and then laid them out with the rest of the cookies to get a sense of how the completed scarf will look:

thirteen crochet cookies for a crochet scarf
Crochet cookies nearly ready to become a crochet scarf

I have been surprised at how relatively quickly this piece has come together, but like all crochet, progress only comes one stitch at a time.

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