Two goats get their noses, and I pull a stealth project out of hiding

When the sun set on last Thursday, I had nearly finished two goats — nearly being the operative word.

Both goats had eyes and tails and horns and legs and beards but neither had a nose as there had been no time to embroider them before sunset, so today, that one of was the first order of business.

Here are the goats with their freshly minted noses ready to go out and explore the world:

two crochet goats
Two goats with noses ready to go explore the world

With two new goats ready for adventure, I then turned my attention to what I had come to think of as my “stealth” project.

I had intended it to be a Christmas gift, but under the best of circumstances, my proposed schedule was wildly optimistic, and from the first stitch, the days that followed presented challenges I could not overcome.

When Christmas morning rolled around, here is how far I had gotten:

crochet textured squares
My not quite ready for Christmas stealth project

Like a vanilla blanket I made for my mother in early 2012:

textured crochet afghan
My first textured squares project

the “stealth” blanket is based on the textured squares pattern in Maggy Ramsay’s, Magic Motif Crochet, and over the past few days I have managed to finish a few more squares to finish a few more squares and make measurable progress:

textured crochet squares
My progress on my former stealth project

Obviously, I have some work to do before the “stealth” blanket is transformed into a completed project, but with hook in hand, I am ready to continue on the journey, one stitch at a time.