Unsettled through Thursday

This was part of the description of this week’s weather, and if yesterday and today were any indication, what this means is that there could be rain and lightning and thunder at any moment. Or not.

Practically speaking this means that when those moments of clearer skies and more sunshine present themselves, I need to be ready to put them to their fullest use, and today, under cloudy skies, I spent all of my crochet time preparing for that next burst of sunshine, and, at the same time, bringing a bit more calm and order to my home.

I first focused my attention on the large textured squares. I had 27 made when I got up this morning, an throughout the day, I worked on making a large textured square using Red Heart Super Saver Windsor blue to put my count at 28 (of 30 needed for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project). Shortly after lunch, I finished it, and found three additional squares that needed the ends woven in, and here is a picture of the four squares taken shortly after six o’clock as the remnants of Isaac began to more in:

large textured crochet squares
Four large textured crochet squares

The last thing I had worked on, but next up for a photo was this large, textured triangle made with Red Heart Super Saver gold which for all the world reminds me of the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish® Crackers my sons have eaten over the past three decades:

textured crochet triangle
A large textured crochet triangle

With that photo taken, the clouds suddenly moved in, and the ten rectangles (most of them worked in darker colors) ended up looking much more somber in the photo than they do in life:

textured crochet rectangles
Ten textured crochet rectangles

I hurried to arrange the ten small, textured squares, concerned that the skies would darken further, but instead, the sun broke through and I was able to get this photo:

small textured crochet squares
Ten small textured crochet squares

There weather is supposed to continue to be changeable throughout the week and into the weekend, so I will have to be adaptable and change my plans as needed to make the most of the sunshine when it is here, and while I wait, I will attend to some of the less glamorous, but necessary tasks that will make my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project as good as it can be.