Variation on a jellyfish

My first effort at making a crochet lunchbox have been stymied by the fact that the crochet is less rigid than what I had thought it would be.

I tried to counteract this by lining the lunchbox with fabric, and while it helped some, it did not help enough; so I started looking at potential solutions that other had used in such situations, and as a result, I ended up in the more extensive than I had realized it would be adhesive section of a Michael’s craft shop near my house, and after reading the labels on more adhesive and stiffening products than I can count, I finally settled on this bottle of a Modge Podge product:

Mod Podge fabric stiffener
Mod Podge fabric stiffener

I have not exactly figured out how I will use this. Will I simply remove the lining, apply as directly, and then sew the lining back in? Or should I also treat the crochet shell, and if I do, how will I ever get a needle through the pieces to be joined? Will I need to go back to the store and buy another bottle of a different adhesive?

All of that required more thinking than I wanted to do, so instead, I got to work on crocheting a jellyfish.

When I first began blogging in March of 2010, one of my goals was to change the world through crochet. To that end, my friends on Facebook are subjected to constant updates on the state of my crochet, and in response, they now often tag me and share various crochet items with me.

Once such share included a link to a free crochet jellyfish pattern by a crafter known as “one dog woof.” Would this be hard to do, my friend asked?

I clicked on the link and thought the jellyfish were delightful; after looking over the pattern (which includes super clear and easy to follow directions), I told my friend the project was totally doable, and in short order, I got out my hook and a crochet tension regular.

I was about to start, but then realized, I didn’t want to make a jellyfish that big — I wanted to make a bunch of smaller jellyfish.

So after looking of the pattern, and making some calculations, I started crocheting the pieces necessary to make a smaller, to my mind, more portable, crochet jellyfish:

three future crochet jellyfish amigurumi
Three future crochet jellyfish

I still have some work to do, and tomorrow, before I begin a several hour block of errands, I will take the time to try the new adhesive out on a test swatch of fabric so that it can dry while I am driving, and maybe come Sunday, I will have finished the crochet jellyfish and the lunchbox that has been bedeviling me.

2 thoughts on “Variation on a jellyfish

  1. These are super cute and I’m tempted to try them too. A suggestion for your lunch box dilemma…plastic canvas. Or any kind of plastic that you can cut templates from. Measure the bottom, sides and ends of the lunch box and cut the plastic to fit. You can then either cover the plastic in your lining and sew it in, or sew seams in the lining around each piece to hold them in place. I have never used any stiffening product, but I would imagine it wouldn’t hold up to washing on something you might want to wash. Hope that helps!

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