Variation on a theme

Here in the northern hemisphere, it is the season for crocheting hats, and one of my dear crochet friends recently tried her hand at Beth Hall’s Crochet Seafarer’s Cap.

Pleased with the final product, she asked me what ideas I had about how to make a cap in a smaller size that would fit 2 to 4-year-old boys.

After giving it some thought and using ratios to guide me, I came up with a version of the hat that I thought would fit a child, and over the past couple of days, I tried out my variation of Beth Hall’s pattern.

Here is the result:

One variation on the theme: A seafarer's crochet cap for a child
One variation on the theme: A seafarer’s crochet cap for a child

Crocheting the cap was a welcome break from my efforts to organize my crochet office which had been overtaken by entropy and devolved to state that rendered it unusable.

This is how it looked when I finally decided something absolutely, positively must be done:

crochet office
A crochet office in desperate need of organzing

After attempting to put like with like (I did get all of the notebooks I have found so far together in one stack) and getting a number of empty cardboard boxes out to recycle, I was finally able to start sorting some of the yarn and winding it into small balls so that by this evening, I seemed to have made at least modest progress:

crochet office
I make modest progress toward organzing my crochet office

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and while I obviously have a long way to go, at least I have finally begun my journey.