Waiting for insight

While I ruminate on the exact mechanism of a closure for the felted crochet fat bag-to-be — and on the upcoming new year in general — I decided that the crochet crazy quilt center panel for what was first supposed to be my 2015 North Carolina State Fair department Y entry and then my 2016 entry and now my 2017 entry is a good place to put my efforts while I wait for a flash of insight with regard to the closure for the bag.

To that end I gathered up some of the already crocheted pieces in need of embroidery:

crazy quilt crochet pieces
Crazy quilt crochet pieces in need of tricking out

along with a handful of the already split into two-plies formerly four-ply worsted weight yarn,

yarn for embroidery on crochet pieces
Four ply worsted weight yarn split in half and ready to use for crazy quilt embroidery

consulted the images after a search of the term “French knots,” and (after giving it careful thought) decided to attempt embroidering a series of hearts onto a rouge colored fan-shaped piece that is a particular favorite of mine:

crochet fan with a heart of French knots
Crochet crazy quilt fan piece with a heart made of French knots

The fan shape is a popular one in crazy quilts, and I have included several in the center panel of an afghan that is supposed to be a kind of visual narrative of what I have been able to learn of my paternal grandmother’s life

After I successfully (to my mind) embroidered what I expect will be the first in a series of French knot hearts, I set the piece aside and began to add more embroidered flair to another crochet piece that had looked fine to me back in September, but which now strikes me as decoratively anemic:

A crochet crazy quilt piece with embroidery
More embroidery for another crochet crazy quilt piece

So while 2016 winds down, and I find myself looking both forward and back, I will continue my efforts to change the world through crochet, one stitch at a time.

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  1. Maybe you could close your fat bag with a magnetic snap? They’re pretty strong and don’t just randomly open, and they are put on similar to safety eyes.

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