What to do when your crochet mojo deserts you

I had a good day today; the weather was lovely, my son’s trumpet lesson went well, and I didn’t burn the grilled cheese sandwiches we had for dinner, but on the crochet front, this is all I had to show for myself at the end of the day, and I found myself wondering “what do you do when your crochet mojo deserts you?”:

yellow textured crochet square
Pale yellow textured crochet square for the big rug

It was a day of things not working out as I had hoped or expected.

One item that didn’t work out as I had thought it would was a project described as taking fewer than three hours to complete.

I had stumbled on the pattern several days ago, so yesterday, when I had to leave the house on short notice for a necessary but annoying errand, I had combined it with a stop at a local yarn shop where I purchased two balls of Cascade Yarns Fixation, a cotton and elastic blend that can be used to make really cute anklets, or could be if the directions for the pattern I was working from were more precise.

Making adorable crocheted anklets that could be worn this weekend is what I had planned for today. I had the yarn, I had the time, I had the directions. Missing from said directions, however, were some salient points, chief among them, what size hook to use.

I read the directions at least a dozen times in an effort to make the missing information appear, but it didn’t. Then, throwing caution to the wind, I got out my hooks and picked one that seemed to work well with the yarn, but the gauge ended up being way too big. My feet would need to grow at least three sizes to fit the sock I had started.

Realizing that moving on was the only way forward, I then tried to salvage what was left of the crochet day by starting to piece together “The Big Rug” while my son had his trumpet lesson.

Before we left the house I had taken care to organize a row of 13 squares in a color order that I thought would please me; however, when I got the yarn in direct sunlight, I was stymied as to how I had made the choices I had made. What, I wanted to know, had I been thinking?

So, I am looking forward to tomorrow because it will be a new day, and I will have another chance to bring order to the universe one stitch at a time.

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  1. Some days are just like this, but fortunately, you can move to a new day with crochet goodness. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

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