Where angels fear to tread

Sometimes it’s helpful to know exactly what you are getting yourself into, and sometimes, it’s even more helpful not to– because if you knew what lay¬† ahead, you would choose not to do it. But since you don’t know, you plunge headfirst into places where angels fear to tread.

Such is the case of the crochet troll hat that I am working on.

The base of the hat worked up fast, the ears–even faster.

Then I was able to take a deep breath and cut the strands of yarn I needed for the troll hair. It was a perfectly meditative pace, as was true of the process of securing the future troll hair to the base of hat.

In no time, it really looked like something.

I was impressed, not only with the hat and the hair, but with myself.

Variegated acrylic yarn for troll hair for a crochet troll hat, a project that is in the zone where angels fear to tread
The meditative exhilaration of attaching the yarn before reality hits

I was so excited about my progress, I got a little distracted and began testing out colors for the future troll hat headband.

The crochet troll hat with one color option for a head band

But then I started to unravel the four-ply yarn I chose for the hair, and suddenly I found myself traveling at what seemed the opposite of the speed of light.

It was like being stuck in traffic or amber or something else from which you can’t get unstuck.

The glacial pace of my unraveling progress led me to try a number of things to speed it up, but nothing I tried has speeded it up, so I am going to do my best to just go back and let this project unfold at its own speed instead of inventing new ways to do it just as slowly as the old ways.

At the end of my crochet day, as I prepared to walk my dog Clooney and our doggy guest, Thor, I took this photo:

The future troll hat with crochet ears and a second, shocking pink, option for a head band

That way, when I feel that I have made no progress what so ever, I will be able to see my progress, however modest, and I will continue to move forward, one stitch and one unraveled strand of yarn at a time, going where even angels fear to tread.