Yet another crochet-friendly yarn shop

If you should find yourself (as I did) driving down Main Street in Edwardsville, Illinois, you should make sure (as long as it isn’t a Sunday) that you set aside time to stop in at Knit One, Weave Too whose motto is “We knit, nosh, and laugh ’til it hurts!”

crochetbug, local yarn shop, lys, felting supplies
Knit One, Weave Too, Edwardsville, Illinois

After promising my fellow travelers that I would take no more than five minutes, I stopped in to see what was available in terms of yarn/fiber shopping opportunities, and it turns out that the shopping opportunities are competitive with (and in some areas better than) local yarns shops I have been too in much larger markets.

One wall of merchandise that caught my eye was this rainbow colored fleece (with my apologies for the imperfect focus of the photo):

crochetbug, local yarn shop, lys, felting supplies
An array of roving

And just in case you don’t have time to spin your own, there is a wonderful selection of yarn available:

crochetbug, local yarn shop, lys, felting supplies
A small selection of the yarn

In addition to the yarn selection, there is also a fairly complete line of Kookaburra products for any and all fiber cleaning needs:

crochetbug, local yarn shop, lys, felting supplies
The Kookaburra line of felting and cleaning products

And, as is apparent, at least one of the Knit One, Weave Too customers has put the available products to good use and created this amazing bag:

crochetbug, local yarn shop, lys, felting supplies, felted bag
An amazing felted bag

It should be noted that although the word “crochet” does not appear in the name of the store, Knit One, Weave Too, is incredibly friendly toward those of us who love crochet, and I was warmly greeted and made to feel very comfortable, and the next time I make it to Edwardsville, I am going to make sure that I have time for a more leisurely visit.

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