You learn something new every day

And sometimes you learn that something new whether or not you want to.

Today I learned two things: First, no matter how much of a hurry I think I am in, it will ultimately save me time if I track down my dog Clooney’s Kong and fill it with peanut butter to keep him busy while I am gone.

Second, WD-40 is very helpful in removing ink stains from carpet.

When my son and I left the house to run some errands today, we did not plan on being gone very long, and we weren’t, but it was still long enough for my dog to get bored, track down a ball point pen, and chew it. Until today, I had been lucky on two counts: one, he never swallowed anything and got hurt, and two, despite chewing at least one pen a month, there had been no major ink incidents.

Today, my dog managed to avoid injury, but my carpet did not.

Fortunately, I found this video about how to clean ink from carpet:

and after 20 minutes of effort, I had a lot of the stain up.

So after I had made some in roads in my effort to get the ink up off the carpet, I resumed my work on the cookieghan, finishing up a cookie I had begun several days ago, and completing three more:

four crochet cookies
Four colorful crochet candy cookies

I then collected these four cookies and the others that had accumulated since I last updated the cookie bar graph on June 30, 2012:

crochet cookie bar graph
Crochet cookie bar graph as of sunset June 30, 2012

and laid them all out for a new group photo:

crochet cookie bar graph
Cookie bar graph, July 3, 2012

There is still a lot of work to be done, but each day, I get just a bit closer, and when I am not crocheting cookies, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get this done sooner rather than later.

4 thoughts on “You learn something new every day

  1. 16 more to go, Yippy !
    Then you can start your joining. Looking forward to seeing how it will all come together and still loving the cookies.
    Are you planing on writing up your cookie patterns, as I would love to read it and mybe make my own cookie blanket one day ?
    At present I’m busy making water bottle carryers and a lego blanket, at request of my son 4. As to the Lego blanket, I’ve redesigned it and going to call it a duplo blanket.
    Hugs Audra

  2. Wow that is fantastic. I have had a few sticky marks on my daughters bedroom carpet for ages and couldn’t budge them. This is a miracle worker. The marks are gone. Thanks Lesley

  3. By the way, I love your cookies and can’t wait to see how you are going to join them together.

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