A bloom of jellyfish

Today, I had many, many errands to run; there was no time to sit and watch the flowers of late spring bloom.

So when I was getting ready to leave the house this morning, I scrambled to find some crochet to take with me so that when a moment at rest presented itself, I would be ready to take advantage. Already in a hurry, I hurriedly sorted through the easily available options, and I finally settled on my 4.00 mm hook and enough yarn to crochet a rainbow of jellyfish.

It turned out that while I had a lot of errands to run, there wasn’t that much space between them, so I didn’t have nearly as much time to crochet as I had anticipated.

As a result, I only managed to get a start on one new jellyfish that falls on the the purple/pink part of the rainbow:

variegated purple crochet jellyfish for a bloom
Another future crochet jellyfish

Then, when I finally got home, I took hook to yarn and finished work on these two previously in medias res jellyfish:

two crochet jellyfish amigurumi form the start of a bloom
Two newly completed crochet jellyfish

Then, curious to see how they would look as a group (which for jellyfish is either a bloom or a swarm) I added the newly completed jellyfish to the two previously completed jellyfish, and got this group photo:

A bloom of four crochet jellyfish amigurumi
A bloom of crochet jellyfish

I began the jellyfish on a whim, and while I am almost ready to set them aside, I think I may crochet a few more before I hang up my 4.00 mm hook and move onto whatever is next.

One thought on “A bloom of jellyfish

  1. Leslie: Very very cute! Have you seen “The Clangers” on the Deramores site? Very cute mice!!!!!
    You are so creative! Shirley

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