Jellyfish fever

The silly (or at least silly-ish) crochet jellyfish I have been working on have gotten their crochet tentacles thoroughly wrapped around me, such that I have not quite been able to let them go despite the fact I have a bazillion other projects that I should finish.

Part of it is that the project is eminently portable, which, at this juncture, is a hugely important consideration and makes them almost irresistible.

You can take them to baseball games, work on them in waiting rooms, or while you are at a coffee shop between errands, and if you work on just one, in very short order you can have something to show for your time.

Today, I did a little of both.

I had been working on a number of jellyfish using my substantial array of variegated yarns, when I decided that I really needed to write down the pattern and create a tutorial in case someone else felt an overwhelming need to make a pocket-sized jellyfish.

So I set aside my collection of partially completed crochet jellyfish:

six crochet jellyfish
Six crochet jellyfish in waiting

and chose a crochet tutorial friendly color for the jellyfish and got to work.

In almost no time, I had the “bell” of the jellyfish done:

crochet jellyfish bell
The bell of a crochet jellyfish

Then I added some features:

smiling crochet jellyfish
A happy crochet jellyfish to be

and got work work on the tentacles:

crochet jellyfish tentacles
The bottom of the jellyfish fully tentacled and ready to be joined to the bell of the jellyfish

Soon, I had the pieces ready to be assembled:

crochet jellyfish ready to assemble
A crochet jellyfish ready for assembly

So I did:

crochet jellyfish
Yet another crochet jellyfish

I don’t always know where my crochet journey is going to take me, but I will follow its path, moving forward one stitch at a time.

One thought on “Jellyfish fever

  1. These are so adorable! I couldn’t resist making two this weekend. Thanks for starting the fever, or at least mini burst!

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