More crochet jellyfish begin to take shape

Over the past couple of days, what crochet time I have had, I have used to continue my work on my current crochet obsession: jellyfish.

As of my last post, I had six bells and six bases done, leaving me in need of six faces and forty-two tentacles, all of which necessitates that a lot of ends be woven in.

Yesterday, inspired by this article about not running a marathon, I decided that I would not crochet until I had cleaned my kitchen top to bottom.

By the time I gave up on my kitchen (it was much improved, but would not pass inspection with my maternal grandmother), the time for crochet was nearly gone, so I got very little done.

Today (because I needed some time to recover from all that cleaning), I started by focusing on weaving in the ends, and when I had that task completed, I then began work on the center tentacles for each future jellyfish and completed all but one.

Unable to resist the joy of crochet that I experience when I get all of the hyperbolic tentacles done for one jellyfish I focused most of my crochet efforts on the jellyfish made using Red Heart Super Saver butterfly:

hyperbolic crochet jellyfish tentacles
The base of an amigurumi jellyfish with hyperbolic tentacles

Delighted with how the hyperbolic tentacles were turning out, I then worked on the jellyfish faces.

While they faces are composed of three back stitches and two french knots, I was finding that the variegated yarns sometimes make it hard to see the face if the color for the eyes and the mouth is of insufficient contrast to all of the colors in the variegation, but with a lot of trial and error, I got some good results:

crochet jellyfish
A crochet jellyfish face emerges

but still have a few to redo as the first couple of efforts did not work out as I had envisioned.

Despite the occasional color setbacks, overall, I continued to move forward and expect that before I know it, I will have another bloom of jellyfish ready for adventure:

bloom of crochet jellyfish
A future bloom of variegated crochet jellyfish

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