A busy, busy crochet weekend

This weekend was, for me, a particularly busy crochet weekend.

My current list of front-burner projects seems to expand endlessly, and while I tried not to start any new projects , I didn’t quite meet that goal. I did, however, eventually got back on track, starting with the second crochet troll hat, the base of which I crocheted in purple.

I had a complete vision of the hat when I began work on it, and today, I moved to the second phase: that of cutting lengths of yarn and attaching them to the hat. Using a variegated yarn that I bought at Michaels in a blue and green color way, I got to work cutting lengths of yarn, and in under half an hour, I had this pile of yarn ready to become troll hair:

A purple crochet hat on top of lengths of yarn cut to attach to the hat to make troll hair
A crochet troll hat on a bed of yarn hair

Forty-five minutes later, I had all of those lengths attached:

I attach yarn hair to a crochet troll hat on a busy crochet weekend
A troll hat with some of the hair attached

There are still dozens upon dozens of yarn lengths to be cut an attached, but I got about half of them done, so all in all, it felt as though progress had been made.

One of my other front-burner purple projects was to take this ball of reclaimed wool and angora bulky weight yarn and turn it into another newsboy crochet hat:

A ball of reclaimed angora and wool yarn
A ball of reclaimed purple yarn waiting to be transformed

Using Eileen Tepper’s Newsboy crochet hat pattern, and my trusty L hook, I got to work. As this is the third crochet newsboy hat I have made since the first of the year, I am starting to get the hang of it; with every hat I finish, I consult the pattern less and less often, and the whole process becomes more of a meditation:

A view of the top of a newly crocheted textures newsboy hat
A view from the top of a purple crochet newsboy hat

A meditation with ends to be woven in:

A purple crochet newsboy hat with ends still to be woven in after a busy crochet weekend
The interior of a recently crocheted newsboy hat

This new year of crochet is not turning out to be quite what I expected, but I will continue forward, one stitch at a time, knowing that at least for 2020, I will not be running out of projects to work on.

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