A change in the weather

Last night the weather in my neck of the woods was interesting to say the least.

At one point, after a particularly noisy burst of precipitation, I looked out onto my beloved back deck which was illuminated by what seemed like unending lightning, and saw that a pile of hail had accumulated, and while I usually take storms in stride, the intensity of this one left me a little unnerved, so time that I usually would have spent working on either one of my front burner projects, I instead spent surfing the internet looking for information about what to do if your house were struck by lightning as the weather outside made it seem that was a real possibility.

One website recommended leaving the house and getting into your car without any explanation of how to safely get to said car while the thunder and lightning raged, so I continued surfing until I found a page that gave me information on actions I could actually take: not use any wired devices or appliances, stay away from water pipes and faucets as well as walls where electrical wires run, and don’t stand where there is excessive moisture or standing water.

So I didn’t any of those things, and while I don’t know that it made me any safer, it definitely made me feel safer.

Then today, in the aftermath of the storm, I had a number of errands to run and appointments to keep, so as I headed out the door for the day, I grabbed a bag that I had assembled over the weekend when I was attempting to organize my projects that contained everything I would need to work on the donut bag.

I had yarn, I had tools, and I had a number of nearly completed squares in need of decoration so through the day, when I had small pockets of time I could use for crafting, I pulled out a donut or two, cut several lengths of yarn, and then stitched the tops of the crochet donut granny squares-to-be, and by the time of the new, later sunset, I had these nine not-yet-completed donuts in various stages of completion:

nine crochet donut granny squares with embroidery sprinkles
I decorate crochet donuts in the sunshine that arrived after the weather brought an interesting storm

Having made that much progress with the five-round squares, I decided to see how they would look with one of the ten-found squares that will anchor the piece:

large and small crochet donut granny squares for a crochet purse
One side of the donut bag begins to take shape

There are still some design details I need to work out, and no doubt they will provide me with challenges that I cannot at this moment anticipate, but I will ply my craft as I always do: one stitch at a time.


3 thoughts on “A change in the weather

  1. Hallelujah! My daily Crochetbug is once again coming via regular old email, just the way I like it. No hoops to jump thru, no whammer-jammer multi-blog sites to surf thru. Just my daily Crochetbug, just the way it used to be. Ahhhh… what a relief!

  2. Hi Leslie from kat in Co. Springs, Colorado–we got snow last night– last week sunny in the 60’s getting sun on deck shorts& T-shirt???Crazy. I love your site so much–love the colors you put together– art pure fiber artist all right. I want to make a crochet bunny for Easter any patterns would be great..ty kat

  3. The donut bag is coming along nicely! LOVE the colors! Have you thought about slightly stuffing each donut…just a bit so they stick out from each square in a lovely, rounded way?

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