The annual pollen drop begins

This morning as my dog Clooney and I made our way out the door and down the street for his morning perambulation, I noticed an almost imperceptible film of dust on the lid of our recycle and garbage bins.

The annual pollen letting is beginning in my neighborhood, and I know that in short order the world around me will be covered with a fine yellow dust — no horizontal surface will be spared — and it will be as if I am living in the very center of a Wolfgang Laib creation.

With that in mind (except for photos), I decided that despite the spectacular weather, I would do all of my crocheting indoors today, and I did exactly that using every available moment to work on my donut bag-to-be.

To my delight, I ended the day just three squares shy of all that I will need.

I spent a lot of my crochet time weaving in ends and adding the decorative yarn sprinkles, and by the time sunset was nearing I had two thirds of this nine patch of donut granny squares fully decorated:

A nine patch of donut granny squares on the inaugural day of the 2015 pollen drop
A nine patch of donut granny squares on the inaugural day of the 2015 pollen drop

and I had made substantial progress on these six squares:

crochet donut crochet squares
More squares for my donut bag-to-be

Tomorrow morning (and probably into the afternoon) will be given over to errands, but once I am settled, I plan to crochet with a vengeance, and when I need some inspiration, I will remind myself of Wolfgang Laib’s observations about pollen and plying one’s craft.

2 thoughts on “The annual pollen drop begins

  1. The pollen art fascinates me! I think the artist amazes me even more though. The idea of all the time spent gathering that pollen blows my mind! I also have to admire him a little. I would probably be sneezing like crazy every step of the way. Thanks for sharing this. I’d never even heard of this artist.

  2. Yes, thanks for pointing us to Laib. I also had never heard of him. Reminds me of Joseph Beuys who worked with felt and butter and decaying plants. I am having a love affair with yellow right now, so pollen as art is perfect. 🙂

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