The first day of spring 2016

This past winter has flown right by.

Last year the number of snow days helped bring the world to a halt on several occasions, but this year the weather — while cold and inconvenient at times — did not have the same ferociousness as last year, and now it seems to me that just yesterday (figuratively speaking) I was shedding a few well earned tears over the reality of not being able to finish my state fair project for 2015, and then picking up and moving on, straight from early October to the beginning of the end of March.

So this weekend (which began for me on Friday), I focused all of my efforts on working to complete the two bags-to-be that have been my front burner projects for weeks now.

First, I worked on decorating all of the donuts for the bag I am making to coordinate with these shoes:

my new pair of vans donut shoes
My new donut shoes

and I almost succeeded, finishing all but one donut.

Here are the pink and yellow donuts:

two large and four small crochet donut granny squares for a crochet purse
Squares for my donut bag-to-be

The green brown and white donuts (one white donut shy of completion):

More squares for my crochet donut bag made on a day in spring 2016
More squares for my crochet donut bag made on a day in spring 2016

and here is a group photo that illustrates one possible layout of the donut bag-to-be:

crochet donut granny squares for a crochet purse
The crochet donut bag begins to take shape

With my donut bag well on it’s way to being done, I resumed work on the other bag that has my attention, laying out the square I made for the edging/straps, and then joining them.

Things went so well, I even got the ends woven in on one of the ending/straps.

Here they are pictured with one side of the bag:

granny square crochet bag
One side of a practically perfect crochet bag

and here they are with the other:

granny square crochet bag
The other side of a practically perfect granny square bag

Now that I gotten to this point with both of the bags, tomorrow, after I have finished with the morning’s chores, I will get myself over to a nearby quilt shop and find the prefect lining for each, and then I will set about enjoying the spring before it too, is gone.

2 thoughts on “The first day of spring 2016

  1. They are coming together nicely! I have been following the progress of your bags (they are my fave to crochet, especially the granny square bags) via BlogLovin. I love the donut bag, such creativity! Thanks for the update, I will be watching for the finished product.

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