The festooning begins & a new crochet book arrives

Because my dueling WIPs (Works In Progress) totes-to-be are nearing the point where they will need to be lined, yesterday I made my way to Wish Upon A Quilt to get some fabric for that impending necessity, found what I was seeking, and then both washed and ironed all of the fabrics thinking that I would get to the lining much sooner than I have. Alas the festooning had to wait.

As it was, I spent my time crocheting a baker’s dozen of the thirty-six two-round granny squares I will need for the edging/handles for the donut bag-to-be:

twelve blue two round granny squares
A dozen light blue granny squares
the thirteenth blue granny square
The thirteenth square of a baker’s dozen

and finished crocheting the last donut:

a crochet donut granny square in need of embroidered sprinkles
The last crochet donut square

which clearly needs a few sprinkles, but there was no time for that.

Instead, I got out the hearts left over from my cousins’ memorial service:

crochet heart medallions I am going to use for festooning a crochet purse
crochet heart medallions I am going to use for festooning a crochet purse

and began the process of repurposing them to “festoon” the other bag.

The first couple of times, I laid the hearts out, I was not exactly impressed with the results, but eventually (after moving things here, then there, and then back again — or not) I came up with some combinations that I could not just “live with” but which I actually liked.

Here is a photo of the bag with the hearts I was able to secure:

crochet heart festooned purse
I get a start on festooning with boho crochet hearts

and here is a photo of how it will look when it is fully festooned:

granny squares festooned with boho crochet hearts
How the crochet bag will look when it is fully festooned with boho crochet hearts

And truth be told, all of that would have been enough, but there was one more delight waiting me: a package with a copy of Twinkie Chan’s new book “Crocheted Abode รก la Mode” was nestled in my mail box just waiting for me to open it; so I did:

twinkie chan's crocheted abode a la mode book
Twinkie Chan’s newest crochet book

I don’t know exactly what adventures await me in this tome, but I am a certain that I will enjoy them, whatever they are.