I finish the last donut and resume festooning with boho hearts

With two equally compelling WIPs, it can be hard to know where to start, and even though both of them are based on the same design that I have made twice before (and for which there are two additional bags in medias res), each also has elements that are a departure from the original and offers me (as a crocheter) unique challenges.

With that in mind, most of my time was spent working out the details of the donut bag-to-be.

I started by completing the surface decoration of “the last donut,”

a crochet donut with embroidered sprinkles at the center of a granny square
The last donut, decorated and ready to go!

and then moved on to making the squares that will comprise the edging/handle. I decided to leave half of them plain, and decorate the other half with little “mini donuts”:

two round granny squares plain and decorated with double crochet circles
Twenty-five of the thirty-six crochet squares needed for the edging:handles of the crochet donut bag

It’s not the quickest of work, but still, I made progress, and in addition of the photos above, I also got this one of the recently worked pieces with the fabric for the inner and outer lining of the bag-to-be:

the pieces of a future crochet donut bag with the fabric for lining
Some of the pieces of my crochet donut bag

With the donut bag-to-be well on it’s way to being an actual donut bag, I returned to heart festooning which is — for whatever reason — a task that apparently can not be hurried, and so when sunset neared, the bag was three boho hearts shy of nearly finished:

fabric lining for a crochet heart festooned granny square purse
A nearly completely festooned practically perfect crochet bag with the fabrics for lining

I am now so close to finishing these bags, I know that when the ends comes it will seem to be all-of-a-sudden, even though I have spent weeks working on both, and while I don’t know how this particular crochet journey will change me, I know that it will, just as every project does: one stitch at a time.

2 thoughts on “I finish the last donut and resume festooning with boho hearts

  1. Lovely to see this journey take shape, Leslie! Hope you’ll show us some details of the lining process as well (most scary part for a yarn (not thread) worker like myself)…

  2. I agree with Kristina. I would love to see some details of the lining process. I’ve wanted to try my hand at lining but haven’t gotten that brave yet.

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