A rainy Easter

This Easter saw some much needed rain arrive.

Pollen had been accumulating in earnest for over a week gathering on every horizontal surface as far as the eye could see. Efforts to sweep it away were pyrrhic, and the best one could hope for was to not be completely enveloped in the yellow plume that arose when attempts to use a broom were made.

So I spent most of Friday and Saturday indoors working on the two bags-to-be that currently have my attention.

By late afternoon Saturday, I had all of the boho hearts I could fit appliqu├ęd onto the heart festooned bag-to-be, and I was ready to finish joining the six short seams that needed to be completed.

Then, this morning, I awoke to a rain that had been both thorough and gentle.

While there was still plenty of pollen on my covered porch, my driveway and the street were clear for the first time in quite awhile, and today I continued working inside not because of the pollen, but because the rain that washed away the pollen never quite stopped.

With the I finished the seams, wove in the ends, and then got these photos late this afternoon:

crochet straps for a granny square purse
One side of the crochet heart festooned bag
crochet straps for a granny square purse
The other side of the crochet heart festooned bag

With adequate progress made on the one bag, I turned my attention to the other bag — a donut decorated extravaganza to coordinate with a new pair of shoes I bought to wear through the spring and summer.

Most of the work left to be done was to “stuff” the donuts and figure out how I would lay them out, so I got out my Clover bent-tipped yarn needle and some polyester fiberfil and got to work, and shortly before sunset, I got this photo:

the pieces of a crochet donut granny square purse
A crochet donut bag

I don’t know that I am entirely satisfied with the layout of the squares for the donut bag, but tomorrow is a new day, and I as soon as I finish stuffing the donuts that remain to be stuffed, I can take the pieces out onto my freshly rain washed deck, and make sure that I have my bag-to-be as perfect as I can get it.