Dueling WIPs: the piecing continues

In my saga of the dueling bags-to-be, I am at a point where the work does not come quickly.

There is fabric to be washed and dried and ironed and then cut to make the linings. There are squares to be joined, ends to be woven in, and linings to be sewn (and then secured), and while the work is very satisfying, it is not very quick.

Today, after running errands that needed to be run, I got to work on the lining for the heart festooned bag.

As with my previous practically perfect bags, I settled on a double lining, making one of them from a purplish pink, and a color that I find to be somewhere between teal and jade.

I started by using a template I made from a brown paper bag, and I traced the shape onto the fabric and then cut it out:

crochet bag fabric lining
The lining for a crochet bag before folding and pinning

With the larger end at the top, and the smaller end at the bottom, I then folded the lining-to-be in half which got me to this point:

crochet bag fabric lining
The lining with the smaller end folded up to meet the larger end

Then, I folded the “squares” on either side in half and pinned them in place:

crochet bag fabric lining
I pin together the corners of the seams of the lining

After this photo was taken, I secured the seams in question with even more pins, and then, using some of my munificent embroidery floss stash, I sewed the side seams into place. I then did the same with the purplish pink, and then (with right sides together), I placed one lining inside of the other and did even more pinning:

crochet bag fabric lining
A view of the interior of the double lining

By late afternoon I was tired of hand sewing, and I set it aside for a bit and grabbed my beloved crochet hook, and got to work joining the squares of the donut bag:

crochet donut crochet purse
The crochet donut bag begins to take shape

These projects are both so close to done, I can almost taste it, and it is my fervent hope that come Thursday evening, I am ready to tell the story of how I finished them both.

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  1. Thanks for the details about the sewing of the lining! Much appreciated. So you do sew by hand, which would have to be my method in absence of a sewing machine. It still looks like a process requiring much patience…:) Could you perhaps add a comment about why the double-lining in one of the upcoming posts?

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