A circle of cookies

Today, as a result of errands and obligations, I got to find out first hand if fewer hours of work would improve, reduce, or leave my productivity unchanged. Based on one day of information gathering, it would seem that an argument might successfully be made that as a result of being able to complete a circle of cookies my productivity was unchanged

I say “might,” because today I only worked on cookies I knew how to make and for which I had written directions while yesterday’s crochet time included and hour devoted to figuring out how I had made my original homage to Caramel Delights™. I had failed to take adequate notes the first time around, and it took me a couple of tries to replicate the original.

While yesterday I made both cookies and cookie parts, today I focused on finishing cookies from the parts I had made yesterday.

I started with the iced oatmeal cookies, of which there were three:

three crochet cookies
Three iced oatmeal crochet cookies

from there, I moved to the frosted sugar cookies, and finished the four that remained:

four crochet cookies
Four frosted crocheted sugar cookies

then I got out the cherries I had made yesterday and used them to complete three of the remaining seven cherry winks needed for the total of thirteen:

three crochet cookies
Three cherry winks, all in a row

Then, after dinner and before sunset, I got this picture of the cookies:

A circle of cookies
A circle of cookies

I have fewer errands and obligations tomorrow, so I will have the chance to continue my explorations in finding what elements make for the most productive crochet day.

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  1. You go, girl! You are my muse right now…I am making a 4th of July afghan that must be done in time! Four 8″ squares today, not bad at all!

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