Four days and fifty-three cookies to go

Sometime in February or March of 2011, I got an idea for a project.

It was to be the perfect gift, and I had fantasies of finishing it in time to celebrate a birthday.

That day came and went, and I worked my way through the first year thinking, “I could finish it and give it to her for…” and then I would replace the ellipsis with an ever changing parade of holidays until a year had passed and I found myself working my through a new year of unmet deadlines.

Last Friday, I decided that I needed to ramp up my efforts to finish the cookies for my baker’s dozen cookieghan and get this project off my plate so to speak, and I issued myself this challenge: finish all of the cookies needed by midnight, June 30, 2012.

Here is how the 13 x 13 (a baker’s dozen of a baker’s dozen) array of cookies and cookies-to-be looked last Friday:

crochet cookie bar graph
Cookie bar graph as of June 23, 2012

and here is how it looked today:

Cookie bar graph as of June 26, 2012 fifty-three cookies shy of completion
Cookie bar graph as of June 26, 2012 fifty-three cookies shy of completion

Finishing the cookies will not be the end of the project. I will still need to join them, but finishing the cookies is a tangible goal and assembling them marks the beginning of the end.

While I am not convinced I will make the June 30 deadline, I am not yet convinced that I won’t, and either way, I know I will learn something in the next four days as I work to reach this goal.

3 thoughts on “Four days and fifty-three cookies to go

  1. Your productivity is prodigious! With this in mind I don’t think your 30th June deadline is impossible but of course it depends what other calls intrude on your time! I have been wondering about the cookieghan’s destination – my hunch is that it is for someone with a sweet tooth and I can just hear the intake of breath when she finally unwraps this and has the prospect of snuggling under such a delicious pile of cookies with not a calorie or a crumb in sight! You are amazingly inspirational both in what you achieve and how you go about it with your hook and yarn. Have a wonderful uninterrupted cookie-filled day! E x

  2. WHile I know you truly desire to get your self imposed deadline met: I believe its the lessons learned you value even more…. Sending some crochet mojo along to add to your own amazingness!!!

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