A color course correction

With the businesses only beginning to open in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, I still have a lot of time to crochet, and yesterday, while I was trying to make the crochet feet for Pekkle the crochet duck come out the right size, I found it necessary to make a course correction with the color.

The exceedingly bright orange I had used to make the webbed feet worked excellently as a color, but the weight of the yarn was ever-so-slightly greater than the other yarns I had used and the resulting feet were too big for the body.

I had two options: I could use a weight of yarn that resulted in a more appropriate foot size, or I could completely revamp both the body and the head to get the feet to work. It seemed a lot easier to change the color of the feet and beak, but that presented a different conundrum: I didn’t have another orange that would work as well as the one I had used.

So diving (figuratively) into my stash, I found a pink that crocheted up into a webbed foot that was “just right.”

I experiment with a color course correction for Pekkle the amigurumi duck

While my inner Goldilocks satisfied that the foot size was now right, I still needed her to sign on to pink feet and a beak.

After a quick color consult, her fears were assuaged, and I was able to move forward:

Pekkle the amigurumi duck with feet and a beak after a color course correction

Pleased with my progress, but not having the block of time I wanted to embroider and attach the features, I shifted crochet gears, and I turned my attention to one of the great granny square blankets I am working on.

I thought the overall piece had an orange deficit, so I pulled out a skein of a new orange I had gotten, and tried it out next to the bright pink that was at the outer edge:

The first eighteen rounds of a thirty-six round granny square blanket

Then I let Pekkle, the “in progress” crochet duck take it for a test nap:

Pekkle the not yet assembled amigurumi duck lounging on a future granny square blanket

With eighteen rounds left to crochet, I am sure that I will be in for more than one color course correction, but I will move forward, one stitch at a time.

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