Around and around I go

It recently dawned on me that while it feels that my life has been suspended in amber, time is, in fact, marching on, and it is with that in mind that I decided that I needed to put more time into the great granny square blankets I am crocheting, so the past few days I have been going around and around, first in one color then another, than back to the first color, until I finally settle on one.

After finishing the eighteenth round in a blaze of glorious orange, I knew that I was nearing a color crossroad. I completed the nineteenth round with Red Heart Super Saver turqua:

I finish the nineteenth round of a future granny square blanket
The perfect turquoise

And then I had to stop and think.

It seemed to me that the square was due for a round of green, but as I began crocheting the twentieth round I tried one green, hesitated, and then tried another.

I looked them both over, and realized that while each was worthy, the two greens would lead me to go in divergent directions (not unlike my recent dilemma choosing the “right” green to make an amigurumi frog):

Choosing between two greens for the twentieth round of a granny square blanket
Sorting out which green to use going forward

After more thought than is probably reasonable, I decided on what I think of as the more subdued green as it reminded me more of the middle of a summer day, while the brighter, more vibrant green, reminded me more of spring, which will be just past when this blanket finally reaches its future owner:

After working around and around in concentric squares, I reach the twentieth round of the Hello Kitty inspired granny square blanket
Twenty rounds down, sixteen to go

With just sixteen color decisions left to make I decided I could safely set the blanket aside and work on finishing Pekkle, a tap-dancing crochet duck.

I had crocheted all of the pieces, but there was quite a bit of finish work to be done. Hook and yarn needle in hand, I added the comb at the very top of Pekkle’s head, embroidered eye brows, and eyes, and got the arms attached before it was time to pack everything up and walk my dog:

Pekkle the amigurumi duck gets a comb, eyebrows, and eyes
Pekkle the nearly done crochet tap-dancing duck

Life, my dog knows, goes on, and when the sun rises on the new day, I will once again pick up my hook and once again go around and around, one stitch at a time.

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