A couple of chemo caps

My summer is not unfolding as I had planned, and, as has been true for every summer of my adult life, it is zooming past.

No more long, languid days spent waiting for something to happen and looking for something else to fill in the many hours until that much anticipated something occurs.

Instead, life is all a rush and summer is a blur as I move from one activity to another with very little or no time to catch my breath.

One activity/event that has come to define summer for me is my annual North Carolina State Fair project.

I have an incompletely formed notion of what it is I want to do, and while I ruminate on the particulars, I am using the remaining days of July to finish up some projects, chief among them, a few more chemo hats for my friend’s sister.

Using a lovely (and very soft) silk yarn I purchased at my LYS, a 5.0mm hook, and a free pattern for a baby soft crochet chemo cap courtesy of the crasftser known as as Dearest Debi, I started work on one last summer chemo cap for my friend’s sister.

Here is how far I had gotten as of this morning:

one of the crochet chemo caps
I start work on an adult size baby soft crochet chemo cap

and here it is in the early afternoon with all of the ends woven in:

baby soft crochet chemo cap
A completed baby soft crochet chemo cap to fit an adult

In addition to being an absolutely spectacular colorway, the yarn is very soft, and I am hoping that my friend’s sister enjoys wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

With the silky chemo cap completed, I turned once again to the Mauna Kea Cotton hat. I had felt that it needed a little more decoration, so using a 4.0 mm hook, and the KnitPicks Worsted Comfyâ„¢ yarn I used to make Michele Maks’ Granny Square Hat, I came up with this flower design, based in the Irish crochet tradition and inspired by the blooms of Hawaii:

Hawaiian crochet flowers for a crochet chemo cap
Hawaiian Irish Lace flowers for a crochet chemo cap

and it seemed to me that the flowers were exactly the sort of decorative detail I had envisioned:

cotton crochet chemo cap with crochet flowers
The Maunea Kea Cotton chemo cap with decorative flowers

Tomorrow, I will start my crochet day by securely attaching the flowers to the hat, and, if time permits, I will crochet a few leaves just because, and then when the hats are completed, I will pack them up and send them off, ready to move forward on whatever else is next.