A cubby a day: Day 1

I have what I believe is an almost perfect craft situation.

In addition to the time to work on my myriad and varied projects, I also have a space in a walk-in attic room to store yarn, and a dual use room which serves as both headquarters for my crochet empire and (when needed) as a guest room.

I have not, however, organized the space available in such a way as to put it to its highest and best use, so today, I decided to devote what remains of the month of July (28 days) to finishing the 25 amigurumi I need for one project and organizing the 24 cubbies that comprise the two Ikea shelving units that were purchased for that purpose.

Here is the larger unit:

Ikea Expedit sixteen cubby unit
An Ikea Expedit 16-cubby shelving unit

and here is the smaller one:

Ikea Expedit eight cubby unit
An Ikea Expedit 8-cubby shelving unit

As can be seen from these photos, I have some work to do.

What can also be seen from these photos is that even though I have made 14 stash bags using this pattern, I have not yet reached that point at which I have crocheted enough stash bags to hold all of my yarn stash.

So from the available skeins, I selected this one to make a new stash bag:

vintage wool yarn
Vintage worsted weight wool from the American Thread Company

It is a 3.5 ounce worsted weight vintage (and virgin) wool. I will have to down size the bag, as I have just one skein, but I think that if I reduce the number of rounds of the bottom of the bag by 5 and reduce the repeat of the pattern up the side of the bag by one or two, I will have just enough yarn left to make two handles:

crochet basket
I begin work on my 16th stash bag

I will also be felting the smaller bag, and while I don’t know exactly what I will put in it, the condition of my craft room would seem to suggest that a crafter can never have too many stash bags.

2 thoughts on “A cubby a day: Day 1

  1. Have fun organizing your yarn – I love doing stuff like that.

    About the small stash bag – if you line it, you could always use it as a purse. 🙂

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